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But the Expanded Universe was everything big action franchises these days are not. It was weird and occasionally silly; it used the setting to jump off to new kinds of stories, and, yes, it was full of fascinating, complex female characters.

Take “The Courtship of Princess Leia,” by Dave Wolverton, published in 1994. The book is full of Force-sensitive witches who have monstrous pets. But it also uses the conventions of science fiction and fantasy to think about marriage and relationships. Turns out that after you say “I love you,” he says “I know,” you rescue him from carbonite and explain that no, you are not secretly into your twin brother, it is not all fireworks and dancing Ewoks going forward.

As Han Solo and Leia Organa get pulled apart by the pressures of helping run a new, democratic government, Leia considers accepting a marriage proposal driven by strategic considerations rather than love. Han, who has never exactly been good about being a responsible grown-up, freaks out and basically kidnaps Leia for what is supposed to be a romantic getaway. A scene in which he tries to cook her dinner is worth the purchase price alone.

There is a spaceship crash (spoiler: the Millennium Falcon does not get more reliable) and a lot of the aforementioned nonsense. But, substantially, “The Courtship of Princess Leia” is about what it takes for two adults with incredibly high-pressure careers to make it work in the middle of a war.

~Allyssa Rosenberg writing for the Washington Post [x]

I never thought I would live to see a journalist refer fondly to The Courtship of Princess Leia in the actual Washington Post. Not only that, but the writer makes the book sounds significantly less ridiculous than it actually is. (And trust me, if you haven’t read The Courtship of Princess Leia, that shit is bananas. At one point a with uses the force to individually break Han Solo’s teeth. Because reasons.)

The thing is, I love the messy glory that is the EU canon, and despite arguably being the actual worst (how does a book with at least three powerful female government leaders also contain so much misogynist bullshit?) COPL is one of my favorite entries to said canon. d4ni-k and I even made a blog devoted just to that book.

So long EU, and thanks for all the Dathomiri witches.

I want to read this now lol.

You should, that book was awesome.  A lot of the old EU books are.

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So I just realized that Teal’c is Luke Skywalker and is really the central character in Stargate

Bear with me for a second here.  See, I started watching this show Continuum on Netflix, and it has a million Stargate alums, which naturally got me thinking about Stargate.  Seeing Tony Amendola made me think of Bra’tac, and somehow that led me to realize that not only was Bra’tac the Obi-Wan to Teal’c’s Luke Skywalker, the entire Stargate SG-1 show can be seen as being central to Teal’c’s story.  Here’s how it is:

The entire first 8 seasons of the show are about the oppressive Goa’uld and the universe’s struggle to overthrow them and what not (and yes, exploration, but don’t nitpick, this theory won’t hold much water), and no one is more central to that story than the Jaffa, and Teal’c is the face of the Jaffa on the show.  Also, think about the story from Teal’c’s perspective:

Teal’c is a young, idealistic warrior who wants to challenge the authoritarian rule of his galaxy.  He’s mentored by an older warrior who also wants to challenge the authoritarians (Bra’tac/Obi-Wan).  The story kicks into high gear when he meets a witty rogue (O’neill) and his trusty sidekick (Jackson - yes, Daniel is Chewbacca in this analogy.  And yes, it works pretty well(or not badly, at least) assuming you actually give Chewie the credit he deserves as a character), who take Teal’c (Luke) on an adventure to save the galaxy.  Along the way, he meets a strong, intelligent woman who takes shit from nobody (Carter), and joins up with the rebels under the leadership of a wise leader (General Hammond (who is apparently Mon Mothma in this analogy)).  Along the way, he fights with his father figure (Apophis), and eventually with the big bad (Anubis, who despite not being Apophis’s master, is undoubtedly the analogous character to the Emperor).  In the end, he saves the day, although it costs him greatly (he loses Junior, Luke loses a hand…it happens), and he forges new friendships that will last forever:  a swindling thief who can maybe/kinda/sorta be trusted (Ba’al/Lando), a worrisome nag (Walter) and his handy sidekick who doesn’t talk a lot (Siler), and a short alien that doesn’t wear pants (Thor, who is now Wicket’s analog in the Stargate universe), and an old, wise mentor who sometimes talked funny (Selmak/Jacob Carter - it’s not perfect, I know, but it kinda works).

QED, bitches.

Oh, and if that isn’t proof enough, Teal’c loves Star Wars.  QED x2.

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Amos Reviews Movies, July 8 2012 edition

Yes, I’ve been watching movies on Netflix.  Here are my thoughts:

1.  12 Monkeys:  8.5/10.  This movie was wild, thoroughly entertaining.  Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt were both excellent, and the guy who’s the villain seems to be a douchebag/villain in every damn thing I see him in.  It’s weird.  Also, I think I may have seen too many time travel TV shows/movies and/or read too much Philip K. Dick, because the time travel/continuity of this movie was not that confusing, and I felt like it was supposed to be moreso.  Idk.  Good movie though.

2.  Starship Troopers 3:  7/10.  You’re wondering why I watched this.  I know.  You’re maybe asking yourself why I watched this when I haven’t seen Starship Troopers 2(and really, who would want to?)  The answer is Jolene Blalock.  I don’t need to explain more.  And I regret nothing.  This movie was bad, but it was the kind of bad movie that knows it’s bad and doesn’t try to pretend.  And the result was a pretty enjoyable movie that exceeded my (low) expectations.  Also, Jolene Blalock was the focus of the movie more than Casper Von Dien(who was still good, but had a smaller role than she did).  Therefore, she should’ve been billed as the lead actor of the movie over Von Dien.  smh @ this sexism.

3.  Thor:  8/10.  A very entertaining popcorn/summer/superhero movie.  Chris Hemsworth was good in the lead role, and had good chemistry with Natalie Portman(who was also good).  This leads me to the (fallacious, but entertaining) conclusion that Chris Hemsworth should have been cast as Anakin (then the PT wouldn’t have been as bad!).  Because he could totally have delivered lines like “If you’re suffering as much as I am, please tell me!” believably, as opposed to Hayden Christensen.  Tom Hiddleston stole the show, though.  He’s kind of a big deal.  Also, I noticed in the credits that the story was by (in part) JMS. That’s pretty neat.  Go JMS!  

So yeah, I watched movies.  

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