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Dog With Two Bones

It’s a nightmare.

What is?

My life, my dreams.  Earth, and my friends.  I tried to merge the two, and they’re incompatible. 

Then choose one.

*snort*  I can’t go to Earth, and my friends are all leaving.

You blame yourself.

Dog with two bones.


Dog, animal, it’s a pet.  It has this bone, it’s the most important thing in the world, carries it everywhere he goes, and ah, one day he goes down to the water, and he sees another dog with a bone reflected on the surface, and it’s identical, and he wants that bone too, so he opens his mouth to grab it, and his bone falls in the water and it disappears.  It’s gone, and he’s standing there… looking at himself, and he has nothing. 

Is this… dog smart enough to learn?

It’s too late.

It is never… If the dog could have had only one bone, which would it have wanted?

(implied) … Aeryn.

Fuckin’ Farscape, man.  <3

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